Urban Chestnut Grove Brewery and Bierhall - Pizza & Beer In A Modern Dining Palace

3.85/5 stars Review Philosophy

Urban Chestnut Takeaway. Pizza, beer, and a modern dining palace. Pretzel bites with butter steal the show. 6.3 / 10 wood-fired pizza doesn't break The Flood Line. Fries are a 6.1 / 10.

Super welcoming with wide open doors. A huge banquet hall dining area with large, beautiful fermenters in the background. Large open terrace in the back when it's warm enough. Smaller pub-style bar in the front. Janky little arcade and billiards cost a couple of doors each to play, but keep kids busy for a bit.

Order at the front and they text you when ready. Took ~35 minutes to get pizza on a Friday night at 5:30 pm, better than the expected 45 minutes.

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Urban Chestnut pizza


  • 4465 Manchester Ave, St. Louis, MO 63110
  • (314) 222-0143
  • Website
  • Yelp - 4.1 stars - 423 ratings
  • TripAdvisor - 4.0 stars - 122 ratings
  • Google Maps - 4.5 stars - 1,041 ratings


Tuesday12–10 PM
Wednesday12–10 PM
Thursday12–10 PM
Friday12 PM–12 AM
Saturday12 PM–12 AM
Sunday12–9 PM


Urban Chestnut Experience Summary

We last went to Urban Chestnut on Dec 21, 2022, on the way to Garden Glow at the Botanical Gardens. I know that because they text you when your food is ready, and when I picked up my food last night, the old text was in my history.

Urban Chestnut front

That also seems like the appropriate cadence for us to visit Urban Chestnut about once a year plus. It's a fantastic place to go as a large group of friends with kids because it's palatially big, but the food isn't necessarily the best.

Even though I have friends who like the wood-fired pizza ($22) a lot, it came in for me at a 6.3 /10 pizza score. That doesn't cross the 7.0 Flood Line for quality home-cooked pizza. My kids liked it a lot less, and my wife liked it a bit more.

Urban Chestnut menu

While we went for the pizza, the pretzel sticks ($9) stole the show. The fries were a forgettable 6.1 /10 on the fry score ($8).

It was $71.34 all in for the family of four, which seemed a bit much for the amount of food. We only had two pieces of pizza left over.

Urban Chestnut beer menu

The vibes and atmosphere are top-notch and trendy. It's super loud in the grand dining area. Lined with fermentors behind the bar, there are a dozen banquet tables, and they were banqueting.

It's a really beautiful dining area.

Urban Chestnut banquet hall

If you follow the room to the back east side, you'll find the outside terrace where we ate. It's considerably more quiet out there, but it needs to be warm enough outside to take advantage of it.

Service doesn't really exist as you order at the front and they text you when your order is ready.

Urban Chestnut order update

The Food At Urban Chestnut

I'm going to start at the top and work my way backward for the food.

The pretzel sticks ($9) won across the board for the family. Crunchy on the outside and soft on the inside, the smokey pretzel flavor shown thrown with the almost cream cheese-like butter, adding a salty, creamy accent. On the downside, like everything on the menu, they're expensive. At $9 for two sticks of pretzels, it's a treat food more than a regular snack.

Urban Chestnut pretzels

We came for the pizza as I'm starting up my search for the best pizza in St. Louis. Unfortunately, the pizza came in at 6.3 / 10 on the pizza score, below the 7.0 Flood Line for pizza you can make at home.

Urban Chestnut pizza

Let's break it down.

Urban Chestnut pizza length Urban Chestnut pizza weight

My kids really didn't like the pizza. Again, their barometer for good pizza is Domino's, so we aren't talking sophisticated palettes, but the spice and lack of cheese made it a no-go for them. My four-year-old only ate the crust, which he dipped in the pretzel butter. My older eight-year-old was one and done.

He couldn't get the pizza in his mouth without the cheese falling off because it was so droopy.

Urban Chestnut droopy pizza

My wife had it at 6.4 / 10 with the same high-level critique as I did.

The fries ($8) were better than McDonald's but a forgettable 6.1 / 10. They were thick and soft on the inside but lacked a crunch on the outside. The nuttiness of the skins on the ends was a highlight for me but didn't make up for the lack of excitement overall. Portion size was fine for the price.

Urban Chestnut fries

My wife also ordered a grain bowl, our version of salad for the night. It was a 5 / 10, wouldn't order it again. Some of the pickled vegetables tasted pretty good when you first bit them, but they got overly dressing-y and repetitive by the end.

Urban Chestnut Grain Bowl

What's obviously missing from this is beer. That's definitely part of the fun of coming here with adults, and all the banqueters at the banquet tables had big pitchers of beer. I had it last time we came, and it's good, but I'm not anywhere near an expert on beer to comment past that.

Urban Chestnut Atmosphere And Miscellaneous

Going from west to east, Urban Chestnut starts a row of food on Manchester in Tower Grove that ends at Pie Guy on the east side.

Urban Chestnut banqueters

Urban Chestnut welcomes you in from the very beginning with wide-open sliding glass doors and sets the stage for the main dining room. You first walk through a small arcade with a half dozen pinball machines that half work and $2.50 Billiards, past a small pub area, before heading up the stairs to the main event.

The palatial dining room.

It has a dozen large, black banquet tables, an ordering desk at the front where you pick up your food, a large, long bar, 100ft high ceilings, and beer fermentors lining the room.

Did I mention it's huge?

Urban Chestnut terrace

Besides how big it is, you'll also notice how loud it is. People pack the place by 5:30 pm. With a slight smell of stale beer, you can make your way to the far east side of the room to find an open door to the terrace. Filled with ten or so tables, the terrace is more our family's style, where the kids can run around and not contribute to the overall loudness.

Urban Chestnut bar

As I mentioned, you order at the front desk, and they text you when the food is ready. They said it would be 45 minutes for the pizza, but it came out closer to thirty minutes later. I gave them a 20% tip, but thinking back on it, that should probably have been more like 10% because they literally don't do any serving.

Urban Chestnut pub

The pub area in the front is quieter and has several TVs going with sports. A couple of groups were having lively conversations in there.

The underlying theme across all parts of the restaurant was "trendy." The floors are black, concrete slab, and the height of the ceilings make it incredibly warm and welcoming. It's a fun place to go with friends for a night out.

Urban Chestnut arcade

Parking At Urban Chestnut

We found parking on Manchester, about a three-minute walk away. It was more crowded when we left at 6:30 than when we got there at 5:30, so you might have to walk further later in the night.

Urban Chestnut parking Urban Chestnut across the street signage

Urban Chestnut Receipt

Urban Chestnut receipt Urban Chestnut selfie
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