Welcome to all around Saint Louis. I'm Chris Kolmar, and here is a bit more about my style of dad-reviews.

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I'm a passionate, wise-cracking reviewer who bases my approach to evaluating restaurants and places on rankings, data, and comparisons. I make many decisions as cost optimization trade-offs with quality as the most important criterion.

I've lived in Saint Louis since 2019. I'm excited to start sharing my opinions on why Saint Louis has been such a great place to live for me and my family. I started blogging in September 2023.

Learn more about me and my philosophy

The only good opinion is a strong opinion weakly held.

At the start of the blog, I'm going to all my favorite spots, so I will be giving higher-than-average reviews. You'll see so much "my favorite spot" or the "best Chinese food ever" because I'm totally biased and going where I know the food is good. I can't be like Yelp and go everywhere, so I'm starting with the "Best Spots" and working my way down.

Eventually, I'll have hit all my favorites and can start exploring new places and sharing my experiences.

Detailed Review Philosophy

When I can rank something, I rank it against other similar things. When I have to make a decision on where to go or what to do, cost will be a major factor.

At the end of the day, these are the same reviews I give family and friends. They all know me as a wise-cracking, data-bot. So, that side of me shines through here.

To help you better judge my recommendations, here's more background on my review philosophy.

Restaurant Review Philosophy

Park Review Philosophy

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