Dewey's Pizza - Delightful Midwestern Pizza and Salad

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Dewey's Pizza Takeaway. Delightful Pizza and Salad. Dewey's is my sleeper hit. For $18, you get a solid 17" cheese pizza that comes in at 7.9 / 10 on my pizza scale. Top-notch sauce combines with a solid undercarriage and cheese. The middle-of-the-road crust holds it back from higher scores.

We always pair a pizza with a salad. We go with the house as our standard salad, but today, they had a seasonal harvest salad. They did a fantastic job of matching flavors. A+.

Dewey's is super family-friendly. They bring the food to the car curbside, which makes it go great. If you eat in, it's spacious and loud, which means no one can hear your kids. Parking is in a dedicated lot.

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Dewey's Pizza pizza


  • 559 North and South Rd, University City, MO 63130
  • (314) 726-3434
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  • Yelp - 4.2 stars - 280 ratings
  • Google Maps - 4.7 stars - 1,142 ratings


Monday11 am–9 pm
Tuesday11 am–9 pm
Wednesday11 am–9 pm
Thursday11 am–9 pm
Friday11 am–10 pm
Saturday11 am–10 pm
Sunday4–9 pm


Dewey's Pizza Experience Summary

We've been going to Dewey's for the past four years. On the way home from daycare, it's an easy stop.

They also have best-in-class curbside delivery, so they became a staple during the pandemic for us.

Dewey's Pizza front of the building

The overall combo of salad and pizza goes unmatched except for Union Loafters. I give the pizza a surpising 7.9 / 10 mostly on the back of the sauce and ratios. I love their red sauce and they do everything else on the pizza in the right proportion to highlight it.

Their standard house salad and pizza combo makes a perfect meal for our family. On this day, we had zero leftovers after a 17" pizza for $18.95 and a harvest salad for $11.50. An all-in meal for $33.26 is a great deal, especially at this level of quality.

Dewey's Pizza selfie

Dewey's dining area is super kid-friendly. It's big and loud, so your kids can be noisy. No one notices. There is also the option to watch the chefs make pizzas in the back.

Their curbside usually runs on time and the wait staff inside has been friendly and fast.

Overall, it is one of my favorite places for a family dinner on a Friday.

Dewey's Pizza menu

Menu and prices from 2020. Menu largely the same, prices not so much.

The Food At Dewey's Pizza

If Carl's Deli is my sleeper sandwich pick, then Dewey's is my sleeper pizza pick. Because it's a small chain, I feel kind of gross rating it this high, but their sauce is just fantastic.

With a slight spice, the sauce gets mellowed by the rest of the pizza ingredients and lets the underlying herbal flavors come out. It's the right balance of sauce-to-cheese so you get both flavors without any soupy consistency.

Dewey's Pizza pizza

The cheese ratio is also spot on for the pizza dough they make. It doesn't have a super fresh mozzarella taste. The cheese just does its job as a texture and compliment to the sauce.

The dough is the worst part of the pizza. The main undercarriage has no crisp or crunch. It's doughy and a bit chewy. It maintains a decent structure through the New York fold, mostly because the slice isn't very big.

Dewey's Pizza flop

The undercarriage leads to the doughy, uncrunchy crust. I typically look forward to the crush of each piece when eating pizza, but not with Dewey's. The crust is more chore than delight, as it's chewy and doughy without any real crunch. They should work on adding seasoning or more of a crunch to the edge of the pizza.

Easy for me to say without knowing how to do any of that.

Dewey's Pizza bite

On an interesting note, I noticed the odd size of the pizza slices when I went to take pictures. They really chop this pizza up into 12 slices of random thickness. I had to take three random slices that accounted for a quarter of the pizza to measure the weight. There were not the uniform eight slices you'd expect across the pizza.

To complete the order, we also ordered a salad.

Dewey's Pizza salad

Dewey's standard house salad is a side staple for us. But today they had a harvest salad on the menu, so we audibled.

If their house salad is a 7, the harvest salad ranks in the high 8s. They balanced the mixed greens perfectly with smokey bacon, toasted pumpkin seeds, cheese, and a vinegarette. For $11.50, my wife and I finished it without help from the kids.

Dewey's Pizza pizza length

I enjoyed the salad more than the pizza, and I really enjoyed the pizza.

Overall, the meal was the perfect size for the family of four, a great value for $33 and change.

Dewey's Pizza pizza weight

Dewey's Pizza Atmosphere And Miscellaneous

Dewey's is a family-friendly pizza place. With a large, loud dining area, no one will notice your kids being kids. It's not uncommon for us to see other families we know eating at the same time.

The dining area has booths along the edges and tables in the middle. It opens up in the back to part of the kitchen via a window, so the kids can watch them cook pizza.

Dewey's Pizza parking sign

The service was fast and friendly the three or four times we ate there. Never had an issue, even when we go with other families.

The big bonus for us has been ordering curbside pick up online. I can place an order in the afternoon and then stop on the way home with my son from daycare. You text them when you get there with your car's make and model and they carry it to the car.

Curbside made Dewey's a staple for us during the pandemic. I can see my text history with them. We go about once every three to six months.

Parking At Dewey's Pizza

Dewey's Pizza parking

There are several Dewey's locations. We go to the one in University City. It has a dedicated parking lot on the side. Just make sure not to go into the closer one reserved for other shops in the strip mall.

If you order curbside, you'll see signs to text them when your car's make and mode are in the same parking lot.

Dewey's Pizza Receipt

Dewey's Pizza receipt

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