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Ladue Taco Takeaway. A Mexican takeout restaurant in "downtown" Ladue. Top-notch pico de gallo. Above average guac. Better tacos and quesadillas than you'd make at home. $4 per taco or $10 for a quesadilla. Ample parking. Probably not somewhere I'd go back to on purpose. Outside seating is available without servers. Tip: Beware the false entrance that makes it look closed and loop around the side.

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Ladue Taco Sauces


  • 9783 Clayton Rd, St. Louis, MO 63124
  • (314) 801-8113
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  • Yelp - 4.8 stars - 34 ratings
  • Google Maps - 4.8 stars - 39 ratings


Wednesday4–8 PM
Thursday4–8 PM
Friday4–8 PM
Saturday4–8 PM
Sunday4–8 PM


Ladue Taco Experience Summary

Ladue Taco was a convenient place to meet my wife between where we were and her office. So we stopped there for dinner on a Saturday night. It was maybe 6 p.m. when we got there, and we initially thought the restaurant was closed because the lights were out and there wasn't an open sign.

Ladue Taco False Front

It turns out that's not the actual entrance to the restaurant. So there's a little sign that said, go around the side to pick up tacos. Like an impromptu scavenger hunt, we found a small sign that said tacos around the back. And sure enough, you go down a little alleyway in the middle of the strip mall. And there's the actual entrance to Ledue Taco.

Although the shopping mall has outdoor seating, it is more of a taco pickup place than a sit-down restaurant. The menu is short, with tacos, nachos, and quesadillas. They also have an extensive selection of margaritas and daqueries.

Ladue Taco Entrance

I got the quesadilla, which was better than I'd make at home. The star of the show for me was the pico de gallo. It had fresh jalapeno and veggies, and it really popped. We also got chips and guac, which was fresh and unlike anything you'd buy in the store.

There are no free chips like Taqueria Durango; you must get the guac to get them. I'd say the chips were again a 4 - probably not better than Tostitos.

Ladue Taco Quesadilla

~$50 for a family of four isn't the cheapest Mexican in town or the best. I probably won't return unless a similar situation occurs out of convenience. Durango is a clear winner here.

If I ever came back, I'd order a tub of pico to go, which isn't a bad idea now that I think about it.

The Food At Ladue Taco

The menu is short with tacos, quesadillas, nachos, and burritos.

Ladue Taco menu

I wasn't in the mood for tacos, so I got a chicken quesadilla, as did my wife. I ate the whole thing, but it wasn't anything memorable. The memorable part was the pico de gallo. Of the three sauces on the side, this was the only one worth eating (the salsa was ho-hum, and the sour cream wasn't thick), and it was very worth it.

Ladue Taco tacos

The pico had fresh cuts of jalapeno that had a big kick and super fresh taste. It was a bit too spicy for my wife, so I got to have her too. Honestly, the quesadilla was a vehicle for the pico.

The guac was similar. The guacamole was considerably above average and came with chips. The chips were a 4/10 and probably not better than Tostitos, but they were an excellent vehicle for the guac. They came pre-served in a super greasy bag, so you could tell that they would at least be like typical restaurant-style chips.

Ladue Taco chips

Additionally, there were no free chips like at Taqueria Durango.

My seven-year-old son got two beef tacos and them all. They looked good, if not a bit plain. My other three-year-old got the kids quesadillas and chips. At $4, that kid combo was the best deal on the menu.

My kids and my wife's favorite part of the meal was the guacamole. The kids said the chips were a 7/10.

Ladue Taco bag of chips

Ladue Taco Atmosphere And Miscellaneous

Ladue is one of the fanciest suburbs of Saint Louis, so I was expecting it to be expensive. And to my surprise, it wasn't terribly expensive. ~$50 for a family of four is above average for Mexicans, but not Akar prices.

Ladue Taco seating

It's more taco takeout than sit-down. My wife had to wait inside for the order and then take it out because there was no table service - you get your bag, then sit down. The restaurant shares maybe a dozen tables outside with one or two other cafes and restaurants.

Ladue Taco cashier

The service was speedy and friendly. No issues there at all.

The decorations and the atmosphere on the inside are festive. The actual restaurant may have a two-person bar if it had any seating inside. The ordering area opens right into the kitchen on your right, with margaritas and daiquiris on tap to your left as you pay the cashier.

Ladue Taco decorations

Parking At Ladue Taco

Parking is super simple, as the restaurant parking is part of a giant strip mall parking lot.

Ladue Taco Receipt

Ladue Taco receipt

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