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FroYo Frozen Yogurt Takeaway. Standard, local frozen yogurt. Standard toppings. Standard extras. Standard taste. Rainbow mochi. No taro. 5/10 frozen dessert. $.66/oz comes out to $4.XX for normal serving. 8yr olds will find a way to spend $6.XX. Clean machines, parlor, and bathrooms. Parking is easy in a shopping mall lot. Not sure it's worth 2x to 4x the price of Ben & Jerry's.

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FroYo Frozen Yogurt tart


  • 10909 Olive Blvd, St. Louis, MO 63141
  • (314) 991-1965
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  • Yelp - 3.6 stars - 54 ratings
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FroYo Frozen Yogurt Experience Summary

We have been going to FroYo on Olive since we moved to St. Louis. It's a five-minute drive from our house and the closest dedicated frozen dessert place.

I say frozen dessert because I'm quite aware froyo isn't ice cream, but I will compare it to Ben & Jerry's because it's the closest, standard substitute everyone has had. I'll also compare it against my favorite places from living in California for eight years.

FroYo Frozen Yogurt front

Overall, I give it a 5/10. Ben & Jerry's taste better at 7/10, and the best froyos are in the 7/10 to 8/10 range. In these settings, Froyo is more of a sugar rush than a fat-based rush, so they'll never hit the flavor or experience of top-notch ice cream.

Nothing is interesting about the froyo at FroYo.

The most exotic taste is tart.

The best froyo places will have Taro flavor and pure white mochi. They might surprise you with unique toppings and a slightly better yogurt formula. FroYo is Midwest froyo.

FroYo Frozen Yogurt fro yo

When taro isn't available, I fall back to tart. These are the original flavors in the Pinkberry's that started the whole fancy froyo crazy back in the 2007-2008 timeframe. For reference, I've had those base flavors at over 20 different frozen yogurt locations.

Like all my other frozen dessert reviews, unless the product really stands out, it's hard for me to recommend it on a taste + price comparison to Ben & Jerry's. At $.66/oz, you're looking at spending $4.XX on a cup. Ben & Jerry's would be at least 2x less expensive for better flavors.

But if you're looking for a fun thing to do and are less worried about taste-to-price efficiency, then you do FroYo.

FroYo Frozen Yogurt menu

The Food At FroYo Frozen Yogurt

My biggest complaint with the frozen yogurt at FroYo is just that it's not great. It's totally delicious frozen yogurt, but it's not different in any appreciable way.

My default for tasting the quality of the product at these self-serve frozen yogurt places is to get taro with mochi. If Taro isn't available, I'll downgrade to Tart. No tart, and I don't know if they can even call it a self-serve frozen yogurt at that point.

FroYo Frozen Yogurt table

FroYo fails the taro test, so tart is it. They also fail the mochi test 30-50% of the time, as in they haven't had it ~3 of the ~10 times I've been there.

Needs improvement.

When I actually get my regular, it's solid but not spectacular. I enjoy it, but I'm not excited. I'll add peanuts or peanut sauce if I'm feeling spicy and have the calories left in my budget for the day.

FroYo Frozen Yogurt toppings

My kids, on the other hand, friggin love the FroYo experience. But that's more a result of the agency picking everything they want, serving themselves, and getting an obscene number of toppings. If I'm a froyo stoic, my eight-year-old son is a hedonist. I've never seen a grosser concoction of gummy frogs, fruity pebbles, cake batter frozen yogurt, strawberry frozen yogurt, hot fudge, and whipped cream.

He goes hard. Spends $6.XX. Eats everything.

My four-year-old son is beginning to realize the endless possibilities, so he'll join his brother in the buffet soon enough.

FroYo Frozen Yogurt fruit

FroYo Frozen Yogurt Atmosphere And Miscellaneous

The FroYo on Olive is very clean, and the machines are well-kept. It's very disconcerting when you go into a frozen dessert parlor, and there are napkins on the floor, and the machines are all crusty - looking at you, the now out-of-business place on Delmar.

FroYo Frozen Yogurt entrance

FroYo has been spotless the 10+ times we've been here.

They usually only have one person on staff, but even when it's been "busy," there's no wait, thanks to the self-serve style. They have four tables inside, a bar inside, two or three tables outside, and a couple of benches outside. We usually sit outside in the summer when we can and inside when it's too cold to sit outside.

FroYo Frozen Yogurt selfie

Parking At FroYo Frozen Yogurt

There's a giant parking lot for the shopping mall that always has a ton of open spaces. I don't really understand why this parking lot is so big. FroYo has at least three locations around town, so parking availability will vary by location.

FroYo Frozen Yogurt Receipt

FroYo Frozen Yogurt receipt

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