Fire Chicken - Delicious, Spicy, and Perfectly Battered Korean Fried Chicken

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Fire Chicken Takeaway. Affordable, Spicy, Delicious Chicken On Page. I've been a "long-time" customer as we started "coming" here during the pandemic when they first opened. My favorite Fire Chicken is Spice Level 3, which pushes me to my enjoyable limit. $14.00 for a serving, it's a solid 8.4 / 10 experience. My sons like the teriyaki, and I've also enjoyed their bulgogi.

We ordered the ramen during the pandemic but haven't had it in four years. It was delicious, but they never got our order right back then. No such problems anymore.

Not a sit-down restaurant. You can order online from any of five different sites. Plenty of parking if you go to pick it up, or they can deliver it.

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Fire Chicken fire chicken


  • 10200 Page Ave, St. Louis, MO 63132
  • (314) 551-2123
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  • Yelp - 4.7 stars - 138 ratings
  • Google Maps - 4.6 stars - 259 ratings


Monday11 AM–2 PM, 4–8 PM
Tuesday11 AM–2 PM, 4–8 PM
Wednesday11 AM–2 PM, 4–8 PM
Thursday11 AM–2 PM, 4–8 PM
Friday11 AM–2 PM, 4–8 PM
Saturday2–8 PM


Fire Chicken Experience Summary

Fire Chicken selfie

I've been a big fan of Fire Chicken since it opened during the pandemic. I was one of the first reviews on Yelp and probably one of the early customers.

Here's my pre-professional food blogging Yelp review:

We've ordered from here twice using Yelp during the last two months. The food is excellent -- the chicken dishes are all great, and the ramen is delicious.

However, once we ordered mild chicken ramen and got spicy shrimp ramen, and another time, something went wrong with the delivery review. So, it seems like they are still working out the kinks of being a new restaurant.

That being said, it's the best chicken dish I've had in St. Louis and we will be long-time customers.

Kind of amateur in the food descriptions, but I've definitely been a long-term customer coming in at 4.5 years.

Fire Chicken front

It's a takeout or delivery, fried chicken specialty shop on Page near Taqueria Durango and El Guanaco.

The boneless chickens are my go-to. The Fire Chicken and Red Chicken push my spice tolerance to the limit without quite tipping it over. It's very spicy.

Fire Chicken menu

I thoroughly enjoy this meal. I give the chicken a very, very solid 8.4 / 10. That's some high-quality chicken. It's coating is light and fluffy, with a nice crunch. It doesn't ooze oil when you bite it and the chicken is juicy and tender.

My kids like the teriyaki chicken, and my wife goes for the bulgogi chicken.

There's maybe room for two people to sit inside. It's definitely more of a takeout or delivery option. I ordered online from their website without any issues. I've also called my order in before. I had mixups with delivery via Grubhub four years ago when they first opened, so I haven't tried that in the last several years.

Fire Chicken other awards

The Food At Fire Chicken

Fire Chicken fire chicken

At Fire Chicken, I get chicken.

Not complicated.

The only complicated part is how much you want to feel your mouth after finishing the chicken. Virtually every meal is a portion of white rice with a bit of sprinkled batter on it that's meant to tame the fire of the chicken on the other side.

Fire Chicken white meat

My favorite fire on the other side is the literal Fire Chicken. When I don't want to burn my tongue off, it's the bulgogi.

This time, I went for the full-force fire chicken. You'll feel and taste the jalapeno the whole time, but the saltiness of the soy sauce and the sweetness of the garlic comes through too. It's all on top of a pillow, batter that hold the sauce adds the fattiness and chew you'd expect, but doesn't get in the way.

Fire Chicken fire chicken bite Fire Chicken fire chicken meat closeup Fire Chicken fire chicken meat inside

Every bite has a delicious, crispy, pillowy experience. It's so, so good and worthy of a score in the mid-8s. I settled on 8.4 / 10 for the chicken. Bring you parents from out of town for lunch or drive the ten to fifteen minutes.

So worth for only $14.

Fire Chicken fire chicken meat weight Fire Chicken fire chicken total weight

Other Food At Fire Chicken

It's been a while, but I've tasted their ramen several years ago. It's a solid 7+ ramen that's better than anything you can whip up at home. That being said, I think there are probably pure ramen joints in the area I'd go to first before Fire Chicken.

My kids will eat the teriyaki chicken, but that's about it. So it's a limited experience for little ones. Everything else has too much flavor or spice for kids under ten.

Fire Chicken fire chicken bite selfie

As I mentioned earlier, you really can't go wrong with any of the fried chicken options. My wife and my favorite non-spicy option is the bulgogi, which has a nice sweetness to it. You really get to taste the batter more in this version, which is a positive.

They cook all the chicken to literal perfection.

Fire Chicken special grill

Fire Chicken Atmosphere And Miscellaneous

Fire Chicken pickup window

Fire Chicken is a takeout and to-go spot. It's more of a fantastic fried Korean chicken hut than a restaurant in that regard.

They have maybe enough room for two grown adults to sit at random window seating on stools if you really want to stay and eat there.They don't have any servers, just a window to pick up and order food.

In all honesty, it's my kind of hole-in-the-wall jam. You know they put all the effort into the food. It's a place for them to cook, not a place for customers to hang out.

Fire Chicken drinks

I usually place my orders online and then go and pick them up. They give you a ready window and normally hit it without fail. You can also call an order in and pay when you get there.

I've never ordered fresh from the restaurant, but I'm guessing you'd get your food in 10 to 15 minutes. There's never a line at lunchtime when I run in to get my food.

Fire Chicken counter Fire Chicken signage

Parking At Fire Chicken

Parking is really easy in a dedicated lot. It's a huge lot shared in the strip mall, so you'll find a place.

Fire Chicken parking

Fire Chicken Receipt

Fire Chicken receipt

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