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3.95/5 stars Review Philosophy

Cooper's American Pub & Grill Takeaway. Above average pub fair and atmosphere. Great for bigger groups because they have a ton of seating. Pretzel bites and fries were my favorite. The fries were a 7.8 / 10 and should be part of your order. The pulled pork sandwich won't win awards but was solidly above average. Chicken tenders looked better than they tasted. Tater tots were yummy.

Big pub atmosphere with darts, arcades, and gambling machines. Big TVs everywhere. Plenty of seating for large groups. Great place to bring the family for a night out with friends.

Service was standard. Maybe a little slow, but it was a Wednesday afternoon. Parking is easy in a dedicated lot.

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Cooper's American Pub & Grill pulled pork bite


  • 6632 Mexico Rd, St Peters, MO 63376
  • (636) 387-1216
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  • Yelp - 3.8 stars - 81 ratings
  • TripAdvisor - 4.0 stars - 29 ratings
  • Google Maps - 4.5 stars - 873 ratings


Monday11 AM–12 AM
Tuesday11 AM–12 AM
Wednesday11 AM–12 AM
Thursday11 AM–12 AM
Friday11 AM–1:30 AM
Saturday11 AM–1:30 AM
Sunday11 AM–12 AM


Cooper's American Pub & Grill Experience Summary

Cooper's was our fourth choice after going to an escape room at Mastermind Room Escape in St. Charles. The Mexican place was closed, First Watch had a 2-hour wait, and even Olive Garden was pushing two hours.

We ended up at Cooper's based on proximity and the fact they could actually fit a table of seven at noon on a Wednesday.

Cooper's American Pub & Grill signage

Overall, I thoroughly enjoyed the meal.

The standouts for me were the pretzel bites and french fries. The fries came in at a very respectable 7.8 / 10 and were well-seasoned with a little extra crunch.

The pulled pork sandwich held its own. It's not in the Salt & Smoke category of awesomeness. But great for a pub as a compliment to the fries.

I tasted my son's chicken tenders and tater tots. The tots cost a bit extra over the fries and were not worth the premium, in my opinion. The chicken tenders looked great, but for some reason missed the mark when eating them.

Cooper's American Pub & Grill menu

The atmosphere was great. Big and spacious, you can tell a lot of people come here to watch games or drink with friends. They had casino games, darts, and arcades along the far wall. Giant TVs provide viewing for every seat in the house.

Service was standard. It may have been a bit slow, but we were here on Wednesday during the week after New Year's, so probably just oddly staffed.

The Food At Cooper's American Pub & Grill

Cooper's American Pub & Grill pretzel bites

Cooper's saved the day for us as we were running out of options for lunch on a Wednesday afternoon in early January.

Lucky for us, they had plenty of space, sat us quickly, and let us get solidly above-average pub food that included:

Cooper's American Pub & Grill pulled pork

The pulled pork had an excellent smokey flavor and came with a solid BBQ sauce on the side. The pork was juicy, tender, and would pass as a decent BBQ joint. It's not in the same class as Salt & Smoke in University City, but I would definitely recommend it for pub food.

The BBQ sauce seals it as a sandwich worth getting.

The pretzel bites were a hit around the table. The kids were playing defense against the adults in terms of who got to eat them. They were not quite as good as the pretzel bites we had at Urban Chestnut, but definitely a value add to the meal.

Cooper's American Pub & Grill smoked turkey sandwich

The french fries earned a solid 7.8 / 10 crossing the Flood Line. They had a bit of seasoning on the outside combined with an extra crunchy, thinker crust. The inside was soft and pillowy, and the overall fry experience was excellent.

Very, very good.

The rest of the meal, to me, was forgettable. My wife said her turkey sandwich was a bit dry, and didn't finish it. My son's chicken tenders looked excellent, but the crust didn't have as much flavor as I expected. They were also drier than they looked. Kind of disappointing, but not a deal breaker.

Cooper's American Pub & Grill chicken tenders and tots

The tater tots cost a couple of dollars extra to order but aren't worth the premium over the delicious fries, in my opinion.

Cooper's American Pub & Grill Atmosphere And Miscellaneous

I really enjoyed the atmosphere. I'm not a big pub guy, but the place was huge and accommodating. They had a bunch of stereotypical pub options like arcades, darts, and, because it's St. Charles, some video slot and poker machines.

Cooper's American Pub & Grill bar

The bar is huge and sits as the U-shape anchor in the middle of the restaurant. The far side had the games, while the side near the entrance had seating. TVs lined every wall and ceiling in the place.

Service was friendly and standard. It was maybe a bit slow, but that was probably due to the weird time of day and holiday. I've read other reviews saying service can be slow, so maybe that is something to watch out for.

Cooper's American Pub & Grill games

Because it's so big, it's a good place for groups. I could see coming here with a group of 12 adults and kids for a dinner out without worrying about being loud or finding seating.

There is also outdoor seating available when it is not January.

Cooper's American Pub & Grill front

Parking At Cooper's American Pub & Grill

Parking is easy in a giant dedicated lot. Cooper's is part of a strip mall with a giant lot. It wasn't even close to a quarter full when we were there.

Cooper's American Pub & Grill parking

Cooper's American Pub & Grill Receipt

Cooper's American Pub & Grill receipt

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