Urban Air Adventure Park - An Indoor Playscape For Airing It Out

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Urban Air Adventure Park Takeaway. An Indoor Playscape For Airing It Out. They are a national chain with three locations in the area. Urban Air offers trampolines, VR, bumper cars, ropes courses, indoor playgrounds, and ball bits. There's also a food court with a ton of seating offering basic kids' food and dedicated birthday rooms.

I say parent-friendly because I didn't leave with a headache after. Compared to Main Event, it's smaller, easier to watch your kids, and way quieter, though still loud. I liked it considerably better than Main Event for that reason, but it lacks bowling, laser tag, and arcades.

You gain access to the amenities I listed based on how much you're willing to pay. Only trampolining is available for the base, $15.99 each, up to $32.99 each for platinum. Food cost extra and looked like the standard "kids will eat what you put in front of them" fare.

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Urban Air Adventure Park receipt


  • 10990 Sunset Hills Plaza, St. Louis, MO 63127
  • (314) 530-6534
  • Website
  • Facebook
  • Yelp - 2.9 stars - 7 ratings


Monday4–8 PM
Tuesday4–8 PM
Wednesday4–8 PM
Thursday4–8 PM
Friday4–9 PM
Saturday10 AM–9 PM
Sunday11 AM–7 PM


Urban Air Adventure Park Summary

We visited Urban Air Adventure Park this past weekend for my son's friend's birthday party.

My son stayed for the two-hour party while I stayed for the 15-minute bookends. He didn't want to leave when I came back to get him. And judging by the sweat on his forehead, he had a good time.

Urban Air Adventure Park signage

From a parent's perspective, you'll immediately notice how big and relatively quiet it is. They have a ton of activities that start from trampolining and work their way up to VR headsets. They all bring me back to Sports and Games in East Hanover, NJ, where I always went for birthdays as a kid.

On the quiet side, I am happy to report I left without a headache. There's significantly less visual and audio noise compared to Main Event, which seems like a very natural comparison. I attribute the relative quiet to the lack of a video game section and bowling at Urban Air.

Urban Air Adventure Park entrance

Price-wise, it depends on what you want to do. It roughly lines up to $23/person up to $33/person if you buy individual passes. Birthdays start at a minimum of 10 people and go from $239 to $389. Compare that to Main Event, where roughly the same packages would go from something like $170 to $300. They don't exactly compare, but that's kind of the ballpark.

Urban Air Adventure Park pricing

Urban Air Adventure Park Things To Do

Urban Air Adventure Park has a bunch of different activities. Even within one activity, there are a ton of options. For example, trampolines have six different stations to choose from.

With that in mind, here's what I saw:

Urban Air Adventure Park ropes-course

The two things that looked the most fun to me were the indoor ropes course and the trampolines. I did the indoor ropes course at Main Event, which was almost the same. However, it had an indoor zipline that spanned the entire ceiling width. That makes Urban Air's a bit better than the straight zipline at Main Event, IMO.

The trampolines lined the entire right-hand side of the building. They had trampoline games, jumps, and foam pits to launch yourself into. I've done them at similar places, and they are super fun. You need to be a bit older, say 6+, to hold your own in them.

Urban Air Adventure Park bumper cars

The indoor playground looked big from the outside. It has three or so stories and will keep your kids busy.

If we weren't already there, every other activity would encroach on platinum territory. These activities seemed more like nice to haves but would be one and dones.

Urban Air Adventure Park indoor rock climbing

On the party room side, having a closed-off dedicated room was nice. However, it smelled heavy of cleaning fluid because it lacked any kind of obvious ventilation, so I couldn't spend more than five minutes there. It didn't seem to be bugging anyone else, so maybe I'm more sensitive than most.

Urban Air Adventure Park ball pit ninja warrior Urban Air Adventure Park ball pit

Urban Air Adventure Park Details And Info

The pricing menu is hard to explain in text, but it is straightforward when you see it. They gate a lot of activities unless you pay more.

The food menu was pizza, chicken tenders, and fries. The kids all ate the pizza for the birthday party. It did not look award-winning, but everyone ate it. No complaints here from me. Just don't expect a Michelin-starred meal from Urban Air Adventure Park.

Urban Air Adventure Park eating area

The bathrooms were clean and unextraordinary.

Signing in took a minute to fill out the waiver, but four or five people were working the line. We got through in less than five minutes without issue.

Urban Air Adventure Park vr headset

I would 100% recommend this over Main Event for a birthday party as a parent. I'm guessing my son would say Main Event had more fun things to do because it substitutes the trampolines for arcades, but that would be a guess.

I appreciated not having a headache after leaving.

Urban Air Adventure Park disclaimer

Urban Air Adventure Park At Place

Urban Air Adventure Park parking

Parking is super easy in a giant dedicated lot. It's part of a shopping center, so there were plenty of spots even at noon on a Saturday at peak time.

Urban Air Adventure Park Receipt

Urban Air Adventure Park receipt

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