Missouri History Museum - Another Free(!) St. Louis Gem

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Missouri History Museum Takeaway. Free Museum In Forest Park. The Missouri History Museum is another St. Louis gem in Forest Park. It's not the biggest or best museum we've been to, but it's free, with plenty to do for a weekend morning. They have four or so exhibits that rotate over the course of the year.

Expect to spend maybe an hour here with small kids. The Kids Clubhouse is ideally aimed at 3 to 6-year-olds, so you can get more mileage if your kids are that age.

We spent most of our time in the Kids Clubhouse. They also had a Coloring STL exhibit set up. My kids got through that surprisingly fast. They then ran over to the Soccer STL exhibit and had a blast there for a bit. We missed the "Seeking STL" exhibit on the second floor because it was time for lunch. The St. Louis soccer was the highlight for the kids.

Helpful service and kid-friendly, there's less to do here than somewhere like the Saint Louis Science Center. Parking all around the museum, we went on one of the busiest days of the year, and it was only a five-minute walk away.

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Missouri History Museum North Entrance


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Missouri History Museum Summary

The Missouri History Museum is another St. Louis gem in Forest Park. Like the Saint Louis Zoo and the Art Museum, it's free!

Missouri History Museum South Entrance

It's hard to overstate how awesome all these free resources are. It makes living in St. Louis fantastic with kids because there's always something free to do! We went to Phoenix, and everything there cost money. If you visit these free museums even once a month, you're saving $1,000 over the course of the year for a family of four.

Missouri History Museum Entrance

The History Museum is incredibly kid-friendly, in stark contrast to the Art Museum. No one cared that I was wearing a backpack or that we had a water bottle. In fact, the women at the information booth excitedly pointed the kids towards Coloring STL and the Kids' Clubhouse. We couldn't have had such dramatically opposing experiences if we had tried.

The one downside to the Museum is that there isn't much to do here. Getting both my kids to one hour total time took some work. They each had their favorite parts, but they were in separate exhibits. And the Coloring STL exhibit didn't excite them as much as I thought it would.

Missouri History Museum South map

Missouri History Museum Things To Do

I'll walk you through the exhibits we did in order. There were only four open exhibits when we went right before New Year's 2023.

Coloring STL

This exhibit is actually why we came. I had read about it online, and when I told my kids they could color on the walls, they got super pumped

Unfortunately, real life didn't match up to their expectations. They colored on the walls for maybe five minutes before getting bored.

Missouri History Museum South kids drawing

Exhibit Summary. Coloring STL invites young artists and history enthusiasts to explore the heritage of St. Louis through creativity and color. As children engage with this interactive exhibit, they'll discover coloring pages featuring iconic landmarks, historical figures, and significant events from the city's past. Each stroke of their marker becomes a connection to St. Louis's history. Whether it's the Gateway Arch, the historic neighborhoods, or the mighty Mississippi River, kids can add their personal touch while learning fascinating facts about their city. The exhibit encourages artistic expression and provides an educational journey into the heart of St. Louis.

Missouri History Museum coloring STL

The Kids Clubhouse

After Coloring STL for five minutes, the kids ran to the Kids' Clubhouse. With maybe 6 or 7 seven individual sections, there's a lot to take in. My kids both enjoyed the back room filled with arts and crafts. There were also several exhibits in the front that they took to, including a grocery store and a boat.

Missouri History Museum Kids' Toys 3

I will say that my eight-year-old got bored rather quickly, while my four-year-old did not want to leave. This exhibit is best for kids 3 to 6, who could spend an hour doing all the little things. My older guy got bored after 20 minutes, so we split the difference at 30 minutes for this visit.

Missouri History Museum Kids' Toys 2

Exhibit Summary. The Kids Clubhouse is a delightful play area designed specifically for young adventurers aged 3 to 6. Children can immerse themselves in interactive exhibits related to St. Louis history, nature, and culture within its colorful walls. From mini replicas of historical buildings to engaging pretend play, the clubhouse sparks curiosity and critical thinking. However, parents should note that you'll likely get about an hour's worth of playtime here. It's a safe and stimulating environment where little ones can explore, discover, and have fun!

Missouri History Museum Kids' Clubhouse

StL Soccer City

This exhibit was my older kid's favorite. They had a giant soccer video game on the wall he loved. He could have spent all morning playing that game.

I enjoyed taking in the soccer jerseys and reading the history. And my four-year-old spun the foosball table paddles for twenty minutes.

After hitting an hour overall in the museum, we called it quits to go get lunch.

Missouri History Museum Kids Toys 1

Exhibit Summary. Soccer City celebrates St. Louis's illustrious soccer legacy, spanning nearly 150 years of passion, triumphs, and community spirit. As visitors step into this exhibit, they encounter a trove of memorabilia, archival photographs, and personal items from St. Louis-born soccer stars. The exhibit brings together the stories of legendary players, historic matches, and the impact of soccer on the city's identity. From vintage soccer cleats worn in the 1950s to first-person accounts collected by the Missouri Historical Society, Soccer City immerses visitors in the heart of a true soccer capital. Whether you're a seasoned fan or a curious newcomer, this exhibit invites you to explore the beautiful game's roots and its influence on St. Louis.

Missouri History Museum Jefferson Statue

Missouri History Museum Details And Info

Did I mention that it's free to enter?

They are performing construction on the North Entrance as of this writing, but they should be done sometime in 2024, so plan to come in the South side.

They tend to have small trinkets and the like available for kids, so check in at the information desk. We got a fun little Missouri History Museum six-sided crayon and coloring book on our visit. The men and women at the front desk are more than happy to help however they can.

Missouri History Museum Gift

The History Museum also holds special significance to me because it was the first place I visited in St. Louis. One of my best friends from college got married here. It's a great spot for a wedding, as you can rent out the entire building.

Missouri History Museum Outside

Parking At The Missouri History Museum

There are three or four dedicated lots around the perimeter of the museum. They are doing construction on the North side, which can impact which lots are open and how you access them.

Missouri History Museum Loop Trolley Sign

We went during New Year's break on what had to be one of the year's busiest days. We ended up parking near the Variety Playground, about a five-minute walk away.

Missouri History Museum Receipt

Missouri History Museum receipt

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