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Creve Coeur Lake Park Takeaway. The "Twisty Green Slide Park." Super diverse park with things to do for any and everyone. Playground complete. Two-story twisty slide and splash pad anchor the playground. Plenty of small additional features to keep kids busy. Awesome hiking around the park will be the subject of future review. Additional amenities include ropes course, disc golf, and the lake. Plenty of parking. Bathrooms around, but not always convenient. Tip: Finding the playground can be hard, so make sure to enter it into your GPS correctly. Always turn right.

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Creve Coeur Lake Park playground


  • 13236 Streetcar Dr, Maryland Heights, MO 63043
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Monday9 AM–7 PM
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Creve Coeur Lake Park Experience Summary

Creve Coeur Lake Park is a big park located on the west side of Creve Coeur in West County.

It's a complex with everything you'd want in a community park setting. As you can guess by the name Creve Coeur Lake Park, there is a giant lake with a trail surrounding it, a bunch of hiking trails, and even a ropes course,

But today, I'm only going to pay attention to the playground.

Creve Coeur Lake Park signage

You find the main playground in the northeast part of the park after entering off of Dorsett Road.

Make sure to enter off of Dorsett. If your GPS takes you anywhere else, it'll add ten minutes to your trip. I found that out for you.

The rule of thumb is to keep turning right when you come in from Dorsett Rd.

I've been coming to the playground for three-ish years on and off. It has undergone some serious renovations for the better since our first visit mid-pandemic in 2020. The two-story green twisty slide and splash pad anchor the playground.

Creve Coeur Lake Park monkey bars

The twisty slide is why my kids call it the "Green Slide Park."

The whole package of slide + swings + stationary activities makes the playground "Playground Complete."

Plentiful parking.

I need to return for a hiking review and to play disc golf.

Creve Coeur Lake Park Playground Breakdown

Main Playground

The main playground provides plenty to do at Creve Coeur Lake Park. Our first task will be to tell the tale of the two-story green twisty slide.

Creve Coeur Lake Park playground

Getting into the slide is a little bit of a hassle. The only way up is through a min ropes course - a series of black tightrope wires you must climb up to get to the second story.

My seven-year-old had no problem with it. A five-year-old at the playground needed one spot from her mom the first time but then could do it. And then my three-and-a-half-year-old took maybe half a dozen times to figure out a route he could take responsibly.

I stood in the rope section the first half dozen to a dozen times, helping him get up to the second story. Eventually, he got to the point where he figured out how to climb up, and I just gave him a spot standing underneath instead of directly helping him with the last bit.

Creve Coeur Lake Park top of slide

That was probably the biggest negative here - there's only one way up to the top of the slide, and it's not easy.

The ride down almost exactly mirrors the ride experience at the Rocketship Park with a sharp dip/turn halfway down. My three-and-a-half-year-old needed me to go down with him twice to get the confidence for me to push him down the third time.

In addition to the main slide, the playground has another smaller, uneventful slide and a series of climbing things.

Creve Coeur Lake Park climbing wall

The uneventful slide is uneventful.

The climbing things kept my seven-year-old son busy for a good portion of the time. He climbs on everything, so he enjoyed himself. The climbing entrances to the playground include:

The big rock is the one that all kids will want to conquer immediately. I think every time we've come, every child in the pack gets to the top and throws their arms up like they won a race.

The other climbing features act as entrances into the playground and combine to form a mini ropes course.

Creve Coeur Lake Park kids playground

Other Apparati

The splash pad is the other major playground draw in the summer months. Centered around an overflowing bucket, our kids enjoyed getting soaked after a long-ish hike.

There's a set of four swings, including one of the nicer seatbelt swings for little kids. You can get them going pretty fast and high without worrying about them wiggling out.

Creve Coeur Lake Park swings

Speaking of little kids, there's a secondary smaller playground for younger kids. It has a small slide but, more importantly, a bunch of small playground toys and activities. Each one only keeps kids busy for a minute, but the five of them add up to five minutes.

Take what you can get.

Creve Coeur Lake Park Amenities And Miscellaneous

The greater park area at CCLP hosts a ton of activities. My family is a big fan of the hikes. It's actually the first time we went hiking with my now best friend group. There are many different paths to take, requiring their own dedicated review.

Creve Coeur Lake Park swings

During our adventure to find the park coming from the wrong angle, I managed to end up at Sailboat Cove. Sailboat Cove looked fantastic for older people but not so much for young kids. The trail around the lake is 3.5 miles long, and there were several sculptures in the parking lot.

You'll see the Go Ape ropes course when you first enter the park. We tried to do it once, but it was too windy. Keep that in mind if you're planning a visit.

Creve Coeur Lake Park splash pad

There are bathrooms around the park, but not near the playground. We used a tree, but you could get to the bathroom by driving back toward the park entrance.

There were at least two pavilions scattered about. The closest to the playground was 100 yards away. You could host a party there, but it would not be easy access to the park, with small kids having to run along the road.

Lastly, I'll need to play the sweet-looking disc golf course in the future.

Parking At Creve Coeur Lake Park

Creve Coeur Lake Park parking

Parking is straightforward. Two lots are next to the playground, with maybe five or six spots each. And then there are larger lots that are a football field away if you need it.

The hardest part of parking is finding your way back to the playground.

Creve Coeur Lake Park Receipt

Creve Coeur Lake Park top of slide

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